Learn to use config configurations in gcloud

November 21, 2017

If you are working on multiple projects in GCP you should really leverage the power of configurations for the gcloud utility. Context switching and constant re-typing of config settings is not only boring but also time consuming and possibly error prone. Better to spend that time on delivering business value instead. Here is where config configurations come in. They are easy to setup and super useful.

# create new configuration
$ glcoud config configurations create side-project

# set some configuration settings
$ gcloud config set account hacker@example.com
$ gcloud config set project side-project
$ gcloud config set compute/zone europe-west1-b
$ gcloud config set compute/region europe-west1

# list all configurations
$ gcloud config configurations list

# activate the configuration default configuration
$ gcloud config configurations activate default
$ gcloud config list

# switch back to side-project configuration
$ gcloud config configurations activate side-project
$ gcloud config list

This might not seem like much but paired together with tool like direnv can save you lots of typing in the long run.

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